Haha, Adam remembers the story of butterflie ^_^
Have to apologize to Laura, I must have kept her wait for one hour this morning...Xinghai arranged a meeting with the head of school, so we went to talk about our whole plan related to the school, together with Alistair, Maria and Xinghai; Sometimes I hope I was the monkey King, who can have 3 heads and 6 arms...haha

And Maria, because I can't connect you for the time being, it would be great if you can read this blog in time because Xinghai told me that one of his friends would come tomorrow, hope you can give him the cooking stuff list to him this afternoon, so he can ask his friend to purchase and bring here then.
And looking forward to the breakfast cooked by you tomorrow morning, I would like to get up early to help~~

Vincent is coming soon, he can share some of my work for a short time, so happy~

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