Dear Maria,
thanks for all the updates. it sounds like you all have become very busy there preparing for the festival, which sounds like a nice thing to do.I still can't really work out what you are doing there and what the village is like but I do get a sense of different stages as the project progresses, from arriving to thinking about work - and actually how quickly ideas develop when time and space are condensed. does it feel like you have landed a bit, it certainly seem that there is a lot going now. it sounded really good that you set up a workspace in the village and I like the sound of the map making project, do you have any pictures of it? nice pun that you are doing a guestroom. does is sometimes feel like being a creative business consultant though?
I was interested in what adam was saying in one of his entries that in general all plants are useful and hardly ever decorative - although arguably there is a usefulness to things having no use and being immeasurable - but it kind of illustrates a different understanding of organising social and productive space perhaps more concerned with maintaining equilibrium - in which all aspects feed back into the community or the understanding thereof.
in a translated, sense-making sort of way as I trying to relate things I read back to the context here (and I dont really feel qualified to comment on what is going on there as so much is to do with the interaction of people and places and in a way that being the point that you cant theorize things from a distance unless you reduced them down to ideas ) - it made me think about the appropriation of city space in things like guerilla gardening, a somewhat reversed image of the above in creating or integrating use and usefulness. I have been observing a particular spot in munich near where I grew up - it is an area next to a disused railroad track hidden from plain sight that has been developed into a fully productive vegetable garden by a group of anonymous women. I like it particularly because it isnt fashionable liftestyle gesture but a 'real' undertaking.
I like the idea of a collection or 'selection' drawn form different, disparate places (even perhaps inaccessible to one another) that has no physical home as such existing through simultaneity. so this is the direction i was thinking about when digging out these pictures...
hope your well,


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