Email conversation between Adam (UK) and Alistair (China):

Hi Adam

Farming today was great, everyone really enjoyed it. Re the rest:-

re proposal
is there going to be a problem with the house and numbers of people, especially the kids starting from there? maybe an olympic torch style single child bearing an ice cream cone might work better, joining/leading a parade later

We going to do a trial to work things out and may well take up your excellent ice cream torch idea. But we think it's also good to make quite a comotion in the hutong streets to draw attention to them, depends really on how the ladies in the street feel about it. We'll work on this some more.

May pole any reason? seems a bit arbitary, what does it mean? seems to have little meaning in UK history, signal for a party in olden times, paganism, phalic symbol. according to wikkipedia the dancing round bit may have been a Ruskin idea/influence emanating from the 19th century and being a version of Italian renaissance dance

Xinghai was pretty adamant that the parade went to the tower blocks and the green outside where there is a circular feature where people congregate. The parallels with bringing this place back into a village green were cited - drawing the tourists in the part of the village where the real living takes place, and where its got a fell quite different from the market place. There is also an idea with the pole of fertility and hope of abundance for the growing season which relates to the ambitions of the town, a sort of Maypole of Tourism.

is the banner still happening?

Not sure, Vincent coming tomorrow, to discuss.

re stall, if it is a success maybe commission several more, be nice to leave somthing useful for the village as a gift

Yes absolutely and fits into Brians market place designs. we thought we might let other market traders try it out on Sat and Sunday have lots of ideas for the cabinet maker as an industry - although he doubled his price yesterday! Typical.

re performance, is it worth getting the video projector out and showing some films made in the village? just shooting the parade and then showing it back is a nice visual and everyone will be in it -

Tried this one, but its a bit tricky as we'll be outside and it won't be dark yet. They are unhappy to take the one down from the library ceiling would have to get one brought from Guangzhou. Iwas keen to show images as part of my speech, so would like this to happen.

re the house - you arent going to have any time to get it back to normal, also make sure the ld lady gets paid, might be best beforehand, maybe about 500rmb or see what Xinghai thinks

We can get it back in shape on Sunday am. Will talk to Xinghai, but i think 500 is fair

re visits back to uk, be good to have some idea of how might come, i guess an event in guanzhou would be a good start to identify people, ask Xinghai if he thinks it would be possible for people like joe and the farmers, woodworker etc

I certainly think the organic farm people as they are very keen on the work holiday farm hotel idea and generally have an apetite for ideas and learning, also Xinghai and maybe someone from the Forest Agency, seeing as they seem set to screw up the whole thing (like buldozing the old town) unless someone gives them some ideas. Possible others include Uncle Joe or his daughter in law, house restaurant, peanut oil guy and maggie the young teacher. Building a list.

Also just found an oven, a bread maker, a toaster, olive oil, basamlic vinegar, custard and bacon. Even baked beans - you could have had beans on toast. Xinghai very excited about cooking potential in square on Saturday. Very excited. English cook off he thinks will be a big hit, talk of it seems to travel round the village and works liek a reverseof the Japan restaurant in Coniston.

All further thoughts welcome

Speak soon



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