After working several days with the ever helpful Xinghai from the development company we finally get it:

Nanling is the name of the forest park

Nanling is not a village it’s a town and Nanling is not called Nanling its called Wuzhishen.

Wuzhishen means five fingers, on account of the fact that from the air the five mountains that surround the village look like a cupped hand, with fingers pointing up skyward.

NB Our director may point to the unfortunate referral to the act of cupping, but this may have it’s relevance.

Wuzhishen is located in the area known as Ruyuan.

Our rented house in the old town is not a Hutong, the traditional narrow street of courtyard based dwelling houses found in old Beijing etc but is in fact a Pingfang (sic) which is a terraced house with living and cooking/washing rooms separated by a narrow communal street.

This much we now know. But if it changes again you’ll be the first to know.


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