Tomorrow I will go and see the market stall in process and talk to the carpenter. Today Alistair and I discussed the old village houses where we have our outpost with the companies community development officer, he seems to be on the same page as us about the need to locate our activities on the other side of the river to the hotel (the locals call the hotel side Hong Kong as it is posher).
The old peoples houses we are interested in, and working in, are being demolished soon it seems, or at least partially demolished, so i hope to output a suggestion for their realistic reinvention (with some fancy more eye catching bits) rather than destruction. I guess it will boil down to a proposal for one house, rather than a whole street or section. One small step at a time. On one level we have a lack of resources like printers, materials, making us have to work in certain slower ways, on the other to create effective change and sustainable development involving real people will take ages.


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