Bryan’s architecture masterplan for the village gets underway with a design for a new market stall for the village and for us to use on our event on the 17th. Being Brian of course he has designed it as part Nanling house-style country pine, part Russian Constructivist. The top modelled on the tower block finials comes off and makes a seat and the bottom part is just a sedan chair table top. East End meets Far East if you like. It can be used in the market just as a stall of course but is designed to fit into the houton living room as an exhibition stand or TV stand or convert the house into a shop. In a blazing art reference connection moment, the measurements relate to significant years in cultural history – 1949, 58, 68, 89….

We show it to a forest worker whose facial expression does not change. So we take it to a local carpenter who gets it straight away it seems and they are particularly amused by the drawing Bryan has done of stereotyped Chinese carrying it. He can make it in three days for 15 quid. Bryan offers to help make it but the carpenter laughs. I think he’s worked with artists before.

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