Technique Anglaise
Technique Anglaise

Today Harold and I did the first of a series of English Lessons at the school with an English Teacher whose English is not that good, has a voice problem and reminds me a little of a 1970 childrens tv character. The class arrive in a riot of noise jumping around us and pointing at my big nose but snap into silence as soon as the lesson begins. We have to say our names and they think I'm called Alison. Our teaching involves us asking if we should go by plane or taxi to Beijing in a clear well ennunciated English voice. Which is fine, but then she runs out of ideas from text book and goes off piste asking us to sing the wheels on the bus...then err...just say something funny she says....that's bad enough to deal with in a normal situation but with 30 Chinese eight year olds that's a tall order. So Harold and I sing old Macdonald which brings the house down. The bell rings and they disperse into a riot outside. Phew.


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