Ladies work coat
Ladies work coat

I have been to see one of the female tailors here. She makes mostly trousers and jackets in dark suit fabric, but also bedspreads, so she has a good line in vivid florals. I'm thinking about a longer term project to design a Nanling fabric that could be made up into clothes or bags or even fore-arm covers (which are very popular here), that could be sold elsewhere, and here. On a previous visit I noticed some nice details on a jacket and decided to show her some dresses from the APC website (one of my favorites). She didn't have the right machine for some of the details, but was interested to have a more fashionable request for a change. She told me most people here are short and a little fat so they wouldn't look good in these styles. To make something similar will take her 3-4 hours, for a cost of 50/60 Yuan (£4). I'm going to go ahead with it as I'm keen to see her interpretation from a quick look on my laptop.

Back at the hotel, others are thinking about getting jackets made for the performance event. Here's a good worker's jacket from the 1965 10 Yuan note that Harold and Bryan might like, in a super bright for Harold and a historical replica for Bryan.

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