Bryan bought a hammer for no discernable reason. Everyone is a bit itching to get on with something practical - enough discussion of the complexities - simple working.

We have arranged to rent a house in the old Hutong style bit of the village, somewhere we can work, exhibit projects in progress, cook and generally enjoy the village a bit more.

Everyone has formulated approaches:

Bryan is building something, possibly a giant bread oven, a conceptual project in that he wants to buy the materials from B&Q and make pizza.

Maria is developing ideas about a folk museum and taking glossy photos of the house restaurant for a possible real eco holiday brochure

Harrold is working on a schools project working with the kids on a small performance

Laura is looking at marketing, making a stall - re presentation of the village products

Jay is developing narratives with locals and thinking about the longer term exchange possibilities as well as a packaging project

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