Dear All

I've arrived in Guangzhou and sat in the marvellous Movie Star Hotel round the corner from Vitmamin. It has a giant Oscar statue behind the desk, which I think should go the best Nanling YouTube entgry.

I played the bus card which got me here too early so I had to hang around at the bus stop whilst I waited for Vincent, talking to a hotel rep guy about eco tourism and the history of the entente cordiale.

Now I'm in the hotel room I'm doing the obligatory tv surf and it's very hard to escape from the endless shots of Chinese countryside on every other channel and people working in pastoral bliss (and the odd game show and pop video), so the likes of Nanling are clearly deep in the roots of a lot of people in China, far more than the english fantasy of bucolic village greens, there is an attachment or longing for the countryside which underlines all of the country's breakneck modernisation.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Mr Chen at 1000 am at Vitamin so I'll relay all the stuff you've brought up.

Do think about the triennial and what we could do as part of that in the Autumn. There is particulary acute relationship between what seems to be going on in the village and the theme of the triennial which is Beyond the Post-colonial. If somewhere was ever this is would be Nanling.

Well see you tomorrow I guess and looking forward to seeing you all.


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