Notes on ideas development discussion drawn from various discussions and ideas floating around

series of projects to ‘get to know’

5 minute power point, originally suggested at 40 mins but this was thought to be far to long – so brief presentation for people we have already talked to – there is little interest in us or who we are. Feel it would be good to demonstrate that there is some commonality, we have experience of tourism and have worked in this context before and successfully. There is a need to demonstrate that we have something to give and that we are not looking to do a standard art project
Grizedale tourism history
community projects
farm projects

evening classes – to offer maybe 2 evenings a week led by 2 or 3 of the artists, discussion as to what we could offer and what would be wanted included
computer skills – photoshop, video editing etc, concerned as to whether people would use this or had computers, would only be of benefit to the more wealthy villagers, people who already had good jobs
craft skills – pottery - printing – slight concern as to whether this was coals to Newcastle, what long term benefit could there be, instituting a crafts business to feed from the tourist industry, replicating the high volume craft production of the sweat shops.
Ruskin’s ideas about starting crafts businesses in Coniston get discussed, is intense poorly paid labour a good thing, is there some quality work idea in craft, benefiting the crafts person
Languages – teaching English seemed to be the most likely and popular idea, to do this in a creative way, making it a fun interaction with us. Certainly of what we have to offer English would be the most desirable
Cookery – teaching some international reciepies, this was really popular with the Japanese village. The use of local product, there are lots of potatoes at the moment and lets face it we in the west have many ways with a potato. Problem with this is we don’t have a kitchen, maybe it would be better to show some recipies to the stall holders, cook with them

Market stall possible to make/develop a stall
artist products, craft product, a repackaging of local product for a tourist market or just to accentuate the value of the local product. Discussion was again to what end, would this just make a better connection to tourism, could there be other benefits.

Breakfast stall – to work on one of the market village stalls a couple of artists cooking breakfasts each morning for a local population – maybe a good get to know, possibly of little longer term benefit
English breakfasts American breakfasts
Alternative uses of local produce

Bread oven – tried in Japan, bread being relatively unknown in the village, could this be a part of the social life would people use it, discussed with no conclusion, further research as to where, use etc

Clean up day – initiate a day or two picking up litter, maybe to clear the river, maybe to include the village, how would this be read, could be seen as an insult, further research

Performance film showing food expo evening – considered inappropriate as an introduction, maybe do some sort of end of project party in the theatre, show material and cook

Strategy – a more general discussion on how to evolve and deliver a major project. Adam pushed ideas around using art tropes, developing a programme that utilizes art forms that are fit for purpose. A programme that is an amalgam of disparate ways of working. Falling into different types of art so ‘Stunt art’ is used for marketing the project, getting media attention, creating a media friendly image that will be published across the media not just in art press.

Stunt art
to market the destination – pr friendly art. Discussion around ideas like colouring all the boulders in the dry river bed, light installations in the forest/mountains, and other similar things. Need a cheap and effective solution, discussion around the fact that everyone hates this sort of art – but perhaps if it has a purpose it is ok, ie it’s the marketing

Destination art – work that people will visit i.e you have to experience it - Turrell etc.
Discussion around architecture – Bryan’s favorite term artitechture. Needs to be experience dependant, ie lightning field etc

Engaged practice/community art
engagement with the community, community development, useful art
Suggestions for developing eco farm holidays, web site to book etc. Developing an ornamental village farm/garden, based on the farms but accentuating the design and decorative elements using edible plants to help the garden to be maintained and of value

Village museum – local curiosity folk museum
To develop the folk elements maybe linking to the formal museum, tourist selections from local environment t give locals an idea of how people see them and what they value. Could be centred around the reclaimed Camilia tree, open structure

Connection to academic institutions – Bryan raised the idea of trying to develop links with academic institutions, using academics and research as the visitor industry low volume, high income.

Posters – Local signwriter poster production, style is very sloganeering, maybe not appropriate however much we might like them.


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