Today I accidentally fell in the river. Laura was there with the camera to take a photo.

The last and possibly only other member of my family to swim in a Chinese river was my Grandfather. Above is a picture of the moment, showing him in the water with some of his fellow inmates when the Chinese occupied North Korea during the Korean war:

The photo was from a newspaper my grandmother received on whilst living on Canvey Island during the Korean war in the 1950's, she had heard her husband had gone missing as one of the Gloucestershire regiment during the battle of the Imjin River (1951) and did not know for a year or so if he was dead or alive. This photo told her that he was in fact still alive and in a Chinese prison of war camp. After this incarceration my Grandfather was communist for the rest of his life, describing it like going to university, he had an unshakable respect for the Chinese people. Thankfully to get my river swimming experience I did not have to undergo 48 hours of solid fighting on top of a hill against human wave tactics, followed by a route march on starvation rations for hundreds of miles. Don't you just love international peace.


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