the briefing of the seven
the briefing of the seven

Dear All

It seems that Adam may at last have his visa so it looks like we are off. Please find attached all the relevant material I can think of. There are still some things to be confirmed but hope to have these to you before the end of tomorrow.

Do let me know if you have any questions no matter how trivial.

Adam has all the tickets for you.

Remember your passports.

Can you all make sure that you have your own travel insurance in place and that you all bring the technical equipement you need to work and make sure that you have money to get by on before you get to Nanling - with at LHR KK or in Guangzhou (cash points seem to work ok)

I am going to put edited versions of this online so let me know if this is a problem. The more we can convey online the better. Please send the website to your freinds and tell them to watch and comment.

I think it would be nice if you could take a gift with you to the village - like Yorkshire biscuits, homemade jam or something (customs permitting?) they seemed to love tins of sweets etc when I was last there.

If I've forgotten anything let me know.

Keep in touch and good luck.



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